Sunday, 25 September 2016

Classical Transmission at Antenna Studios

Contributing to the buzz on market day on Haynes Lane, is the ever popular Antenna Cafe, which featured on this blog quite some time ago. However, I'd never ventured up the fire escape to the studio space above, until local singer and musician, Nick Mulroy contacted me a few months ago, to invite me to a rehearsal and performance of 16th century choral music.
Antenna Studios has been running since 2002, and serves as a venue for both music recording and performance, as well as photography, filming and classes in yoga and dance.
Nick had put together a quintet for this one off performance of music by Thomas Tallis and William Byrd, as part of an occasional series of performances of music across the genres.
Listening to the rehearsal from the back of the empty studio was both a privilege and an utter surprise. This type of choral music is not something I'm terribly familiar with, and many might feel it's not their thing, but I defy anyone not to be moved by the power and emotion in these voices.
After a break for the summer, while Nick got back to his busy schedule of performances which takes him all over the world, he is now planning a series of concerts through the autumn. Currently  scheduled is a performance of The Goldberg Variations on October 30th, with Hannah Dawson on violin, Triona Milne on viola, and Sarah McMahon on cello. This is followed on November 27th with music by C F Abel performed by Reiko Ichise. Performances start at 8pm. And a third performance, yet to be confirmed will hopefully take place on December 11th.
It's great to have found this surprising little venue on our doorstep. Do go and support this  venture, it's quite an ear opener!

The Rehearsal

Nick Mulroy

The Performance

The performers, from left: Robert MacDonald - Bass, James Geidt - Baritone, Peter Harris & Nick Mulroy - Tenors, and James Hall - Countertenor

Bowyers Yard
Haynes Lane
020 8653 5200

You can find out more about Classical Transmission from their Facebook page, and you can also find them on Twitter @ClassicalSE19

Friday, 12 August 2016

The Crystal Palace Market - Restaurant, Cafe, and Bar

Back in 2013, the Triangle was abuzz with the news that a whole block on a moribund stretch of Church Road, was being done up, to house not only a new restaurant, but also an eagerly awaited butcher and fishmonger. The restaurant, serving simply grilled meat and fish, was an instant hit, but sadly the butcher and fishmonger, of which I was a big fan, struggled to pay its way, and closed earlier this year. Fortunately the windows didn't stay dark for long, before owners, Sergei and Anatoly reopened the space as a bar specialising in wine and oysters. As General Manager, Stuart Oldershaw explains to me, the look of the place is down to the creative partner, Anatoly, and with the new bar, he has retained the feel of the former shop in its new incarnation.
I was disappointed not to have got round to photographing the butcher and fishmonger, so I'm making up for it now by shooting not only the Triangle's cool new bar, but the original restaurant too. And as I write, on what is a glorious friday afternoon, I think a chilled white wine and half a dozen oysters would go down pretty well.

The Restaurant

Exterior: in my opinion, the best building on the Triangle

The Wine Bar

General Manager: Stuart Oldershaw
Wine Bar manager: Fabien Joly

3-7 Church Road
020 3475 7080

Thursday, 21 July 2016


The restaurant at 11 Central Hill must be the largest in the area, the vast interior capable of seating well over 100 people. The premises have changed hands several times in recent years, having last been a Mexican restaurant. It was recently reopened by Kurdish brothers, Yuksel, and Serdal Akpinar. 'Dem' simply means relax in Kurdish, and while Kurdish restaurants are often referred to as Turkish, I guess to simplify things for us geographically challenged Brits, the brothers proudly proclaim that Kurdish cuisine is superior.
Having spent the previous 15 years running a restaurant on Shaftesbury Avenue, Yuksel moved to Gipsy Hill and opened the new restaurant all on the same day. And he's enjoying the change of scene; rather than feeding the tourists, as was the case in the West End, he enjoys having friendly locals coming in on a regular basis.
With the photography and interview done, Yuksel showed me to a table and generously provided me with an ample meal, all of which was exceptionally good. So if you're looking for the perfect place to relax over a long summer evening meal, try Dem!

Yuksel & Serdal 

11 Central Hill