Monday, 19 December 2016

Upper Norwood Library Hub - Christmas Window

You may have noticed, that the local branch of Plumbase has closed. Now, most of the time, it was a shop you would walk past, scarcely noticing the wall-hung WCs or the thermostatic shower valves, but every christmas it would become a show stopping winter wonderland, with the annual installation by Joe Field. Fortunately, Plumbase having departed, Joe's imagination has been given free rein just along the road at the library, and with a space twice as big, he's really gone to town.
In addition the windows have been beautifully painted by local illustrator, Suzanne Pink.

That the library is still open at all, and has not been a casualty of local authority cuts, is down to the intense local campaigns of dedicated and passionate individuals. Chief among these campaigners, has been Robbie Gibson (below right). Robbie, as I'm sure you all know, went missing in June, and his whereabouts is still unknown. My thoughts go out to his family this Christmas.


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  2. Wow, thank you so much for this, James. I was struggling to get decent photographs! I'm stunned by Joe's display and so pleased it's found a new home. Lovely words about Robbie Gibson as well.